The remaining clansmen of the fallen Guiyun Sect must band together to rebuild an eleven flourishing Taoist community.

Rise to the occasion and traverse across a mystical land to rejuvenate the sect by farming crops with powerful spells and handy tools. Recruit new friends to help grow the community while also unlocking new spells and equipment.

Defend yourself and your allies by equipping a mighty sword to battle deadly lizards, treacherous jellyfish, and monstrous flower beasts.

As part of the new update, the Immortal Life team has also partnered with Soda Den , the devs behind Roots of Pacha , a co-op farming & life simulation game set in the Stone Age.

For a limited time, new sect members can purchase the Pacha Life bundle for $37.78, providing a 10% discount.

Immortal Life the charming farming simulator with RPG elements and a mythological Chinese setting from publisher 2P Games and developer YiFang Studio, expands with two in-game special events, alongside a discounted Pacha Life game bundle. 

During the Major Cold season, clansmen can now head to the ferry stop to test their eyes and wits in a new in-game event, “Spot-the-difference”, to earn points and unlock rewards like elixirs and food.

The “Lantern Riddles” event will take place during the Beginning of Spring. Clansmen can celebrate the year of the dragon by interacting with decorative lanterns and answer questions to receive points and redeem them for decorations, seeds, and food.

Immortal Life is available now on PC via Steam for $16.99 USD, €16.49 EUR, alongside the free new update. The game is currently available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and English.

For more information about Immortal Life and 2P Games, please visit the official website , follow them on Twitter and join the community Discord .