Developer and publisher NetEase Games is excited to introduce the in-game celebrations around the Lunar New Year in Identity V today! The event titled “Dancing Dragons Usher in the New Year” brings the new survivor Puppeteer – Matthias Czernin, a festive Chinatown map rework and more to the asymmetric 1V4 competitive mobile game.

Chinatown has been lushly decorated to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon and mysterious Dragon Dance items have appeared on the map. To help players check them out in style, ten free draws as well as an A Costume Unlock Card will be gifted to everyone and new login rewards have been added, including outfits for the Gardener and Mechanic.

New Survivor: Puppeteer – Matthias Czernin

The lifelike puppet “Louis”, based on the young Matthias, brings his family endless honor and wealth. Everyone loves it, except for Matthias, who is no longer cared for, as Louis is quietly taking his place in the family. Unable to escape the puppet’s shadow, Matthias chooses to burn it. A terrible accident ensues, killing his parents and seriously injuring Matthias – but he does not care. At least Louis is gone.

Ninety-one days pass and a crate arrives at Matthias’ door, containing a new Louis. The confused Mathias immediately throws the the ominous puppet into the fireplace and watches it turn to ashes. Seventy-eight days later, he receives another crate, and Louis is back. No matter how the boy disposes of him, he always finds his way back to him. When another box arrives on his 24th birthday, he notices a badge in the corner of the crate. Upon investigation, it leads him to a notorious Manor, across the sea.

The Year of the Dragon celebration continues throughout the month, with new Chinese-style furniture being added on February 7, new skins for a number of characters releasing on February 9 and on February 10, all players who log in will receive 10 free draws!