The sequel to HunterX, the critically acclaimed metroidvania

Independent games studio ORANGE POPCORN has announced that HunterX: code name T is available now on Nintendo Switch in America and Europe. The Pre-order in Asian eShops will also be available today. 

HunterX: code name T, the sequel to HunterX, offers players an action-packed adventure featuring fast and stylish combat mechanics. Players can hone their combat skills by utilizing a variety of weapon actions and magic while exploring a vast and ever-expanding world. 

Embark on a fateful journey through a world straddling the past and future, as the devil hunter Taiyo seeks to confront his own identity and vanquish formidable foes under the luminous glow of the returning Purple Moon. 


  • A fast, stylish combat in an action-adventure setting.
  • Customize fighting styles with diverse weapon actions and magic while exploring an expanding world.
  • Join Taiyo, a devil hunter on a quest to confront memories and hunt devils in a fractured world.
  • Explore a vast, time-spanning world, encountering gripping stories and challenging adversaries.
  • Customize combat with various weapons, utilizing specific actions and collecting items to exploit enemy weaknesses.