Hooded Horse is excited to share that it’s welcomed its 30th member to the growing family of deep strategic and tactical games. Base-building RTS Cataclismo is the next title from Digital Sun, the developer behind 2018’s best-selling roguelite RPG Moonlighter.

Cataclismo is a real-time strategy game about building castles brick-by-brick and defending against swarms of horrors. Players must design fortresses, optimize production in the citadel, train and deploy a wide range of troops, and make impactful tactical choices as they fight to defend the last bastion of Humanity.

Highlights of Cataclismo include:

  • Brick-by-brick castle construction, with over 100 pieces to mix and match for physics-based stronghold building.
  • Optimize life and production within the castle walls.
  • Brace for the nightly swarms of Horrors and defend the fortress by deploying characterful troops, each with unique tactical specialties.
  • Use Siege equipment, such as flaming arrows, poison, claw traps, and more.
  • A 30-hour campaign, plus creative, survival, and skirmish modes for endless replayability.
  • Beautiful comic art illustrating a somber world lost to the perilous Mist.

Cataclismo is a unique blend of RTS and tower defense, and I absolutely love how the buildings look,” says Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender. “Digital Sun is a developer with an amazing track record, and we’re lucky to be working with them”.

“Cataclismo is our most ambitious project to date,” says Digital Sun CEO Javier Giménez. “Hooded Horse will boost our connection with strategy fans. There’s no better partner to take our game even further”.

The game will be localized from English into German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.