At the prestigious Devolver Direct, indie studio Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash) and celestial publisher Devolver Digital unveiled Possessor(s), a fascinating new interdimensional adventure to be discovered on PC and consoles in 2025.

Possessor(s) is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game whose fights are inspired by platform fighters. Narrated by eminently dangerous characters, its story propels you into a complex interconnected world where exploration is king.

Play as Luca, the host, and Rehm, his uncooperative counterpart, as they explore a quarantined city, devastated and flooded by an interdimensional catastrophe. Their only way to survive is to learn to coexist.

A fractured world

Possessor(s) takes place in a destroyed mega-city with interconnected ramifications, between collapsed buildings and an abandoned aquarium full of mysteries. The hauntingly beautiful 3D environments form a stunning backdrop of hand-drawn and animated characters. The sci-fi horror atmosphere that unfolds there promises to be particularly heavy.

A complex scenario

Navigate through the multiple branches of an open structure to unravel all the mysteries behind the disaster. Meet many endearing characters and discover their poignant stories related to the devastation of their world.

Precision above all

Dynamic and tight platforming mechanics are at the heart of the gameplay experience, which draws on a range of unique abilities and moves and deploys them even in its tense and precise combat: alternate between ground and aerial attacks to chain combos and juggles on formidable enemies and bosses. A wide range of powerful weapons and upgrades of all kinds will strengthen your arsenal as you explore, gradually revealing new areas as your possibilities increase.

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