Challenging 3D platformer ALTF42 runs, jumps, and rolls out of Steam Early Access today, publisher Gravity can reveal. From Korean-based developer Pumpkim and publisher GravityALTF42 builds upon the success of its prequel ALTF4 with even more challenging levels, improved visuals, and a range of additional new content developed during its time in Early Access.

Following the global success of 2021’s ALTF4ALTF42 provides new opportunities to overcome complex platforming levels and experience the hilarious ragdoll physics of failing a level. Headlining the full launch version of ALTF42 is the addition of the game’s longest stage, a jungle-themed challenge. Even deadlier traps raise the difficulty level to new extremes alongside features like the coin system, turtle racetrack, and eye-catching costumes.

From 7:00 am UTC June 5th to 7:00 am UTC June 12th, Gravity is holding an ALTF42 speedrun challenge. At stake is a $5,000 prize pool, with the top 10 fastest players winning prizes. Players who want to participate should record a video of themselves completing the game and submit it to the challenge page. More information on the challenge can be found on the official Speedrun website.

Jun Yoo, Head of Gravity’s Console division, said, “We are happy to announce the official launch of ALTF42 on Steam, which we hope will be just as successful as the first game through the upgraded gameplay and Gravity’s publishing know-how. We hope players enjoy the new final stage and extra content added for the official launch. We are excited to welcome our fans from all over the world to participate in the Speedrun Challenge. Good luck!”

ALTF42 has left Steam Early Access and is available now.