Starting February 1, step into a magical world and witness innovative art styles, engaging strategic gameplay, a vibrant explorable world, and more in the new beta for the free-to-play fantasy RPG AFK Journey, the sequel to the worldwide smash hit AFK Arena.

Players can register for AFK Journey’s limited-time “Beta Voyage” gameplay test today on the official website. Farlight Games celebrated the upcoming beta launch with a brand-new gameplay presentation video, which you can view below!

Developed by Farlight Games (the studio behind hit titles AFK ArenaCall of Dragons, and Dislyte), AFK Journey combines open-world RPG mechanics with idle-based casual gameplay and is set in the familiar world of the popular AFK ArenaAFK Journey’s Beta Voyage gameplay test features cross-platform play, enhanced player avatar customization, new gameplay mechanics, new character animations, a PvP mode, and more. In just a few short days, you can experience what adventures await before AFK Journey’s full release this year!

Embark on an all-new legendary adventure in the world of Esperia, bringing along fan-favorite characters from AFK Arena to an open-world setting. The fully 3D world of AFK Journey features a dynamic day and night cycle with shifting weather conditions, vivid landscapes and varied terrains, and a large seamless map for you to adventure in and meet other heroes. Explore the vast new environment as you assemble a powerful team and face oncoming enemies in real-time strategic battles using terrain and traps to your advantage. Solve age-old mysteries and conquer challenges, send your allies on adventures to collect loot while you’re away, and more. AFK Journey combines the best of casual open-world RPGs, strategic gacha battle games, and idle games.

Set in the forgotten world of Esperia, where gods have faded to myth, take on the role of Merlin, a once powerful magician who lost his powers and memory in a fierce battle. Now, with the world plunged into complete chaos, Merlin must restore Esperia back to its former glory with the help of a rich cast of characters, of which he’ll form a fearless team to defeat powerful enemies.

Key Features of AFK Journey Include:

  • Live Canvas Art Style: AFK Journey‘s dynamic visuals morph and change as the weather and time of day progress. Take part in a living painting as you adventure across Esperia.
  • Bullet Timing & Chessboard Tactics: Utilize precision slow-motion timing, tactical positioning, and environmental objects to win your battles.
  • Hero Leveling & Equipment Sharing: Level up your characters through gameplay or while going AFK and split the experience across the entire character roster. Characters of the same class can also share equipment, meaning you can focus on your favorites instead of worrying about leveling them all.
  • Exclusive Rewards from Beta Voyage: Receive special rewards for participating in the beta, including an exclusive skin, ten free pulls, a new hero, and other perks.

AFK Journey will launch later this year on PC, iOS, and Android. You can pre-register now at and sign up to join the Beta Voyage beginning February 1 and playable until February 7, 2024. This beta test is only available to players in North America and Europe; future tests will be available to players in other regions.