Dragon Pack Skins, Chinese VO & Roguerunner Expansion

Ghostrunner 2 the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller by leading video game publisher 505 Games and developer One More Level releases the long-awaited Dragon Pack Expansion today!

The deadly new Dragon pack contains cosmentic content, all themed around the Year of the Dragon. Although included in the Season Pass and Brutal Edition, the new content is also available as a standalone purchase at £3.99 and includes:

  • Design Qi Motorcycle Skin
  • QiFang Sword and Hand Skins
  • QiScaled Sword and Hand Skins
  • QiGalaxy Sword and Hand Skins

Plus, as a Lunar New Year Gift, all Ghostunner 2 gamer owners immediately received Free Chinese VO and an expansion of the current ‘Roguerunner.exe Mode’ that will require mastery of Jack’s wingsuit, more parkour elements, and vicious enemy encounters.

Nominated for Action Game Of The Year at the 2023 Game Awards, Ghostrunner 2 is bursting with new powers, upgradeable abilities, traversal mechanics, an expanded narrative, deeper world building, and devilish new enemies. Every kill is earned.

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