Publisher ESDigital Games and developer Sobaka Studio have today released a new content update for the Renaissance-inspired post-apocalyptic twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM via Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store. This thrilling new update completes the highly anticipated Act 2 of the game and packs in a wealth of new content to expand the world of REMEDIUM.  

The new complete Act 2 update introduces two new locations—the Fort and Abbey—to the previously released Mine location. These locations contain a host of terrifying enemies and boss types for players to discover and engage in frantic twin-stick shooter action. Fans will also dive deeper into the storyline with the newly added intro cutscene, providing an engaging introduction to the world of REMEDIUM.  

The Act 2 content update will also introduce new quality-of-life improvements, many of which were requested by the community already playing the Steam Early Access release.  Some of these quality-of-life improvements include an updated and optimized transitioning system to seamlessly travel between game locations, a new upgrade to the save system so players can replay Act 1 or Act 2 (after starting it for the first time) at any time with their progress saved and with any weapons and upgrades already unlocked, additional balancing of battles to ensure a smooth combat experience, numerous UI and UX improvements and bug fixes and the engaging intro cut scene to set the scene of the carnage of Act 2 perfectly!

REMEDIUM Act 2 features 

  • Act 2 introduces three new locations with unique mutant types and terrifying bosses.
  • Discover the new Fort and Abbey locations as well as the Mines. 
  • Continuation of the intriguing storyline of the hero’s deadly journey.  
  • Players can craft new parts for their weapons (to further customise them and deal different types of damage) with the new reagents found in Act 2.
  • Updated visuals and player accessibility for an enhanced gameplay experience.
  • An improved upgrade system where players can now spend resources to become stronger. 
  • Dash movement and Almalgams use have been split for greater accessibility.
  • Language support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with further enhancements to be added.