Grab your copy of the game during its free 30-day launch period and bring a new introduction to game night!

Gerdoo Games is refreshing your game night lineup with Republic of Jungle, a social deduction party game for PC. Early access is available now on Steam and will be free for 30 days. Following this launch period, Republic of Jungle will retail for $19.99.

Welcome to the Bite House

Enter the world of Republic of Jungle as an advisor to President Puma, your stoic political leader and hopeful reelection candidate. As Puma prowls the campaign trail for support, he expects you to fend off the drama-hungry press. Review President Puma’s latest scandals in small task forces and vote to hide the details from the media. The catch? Someone among you is not who they claim to be and will leak presidential secrets to well-known reporter Fiona Fox at every opportunity. Identify the double agent to secure Puma’s reelection chances or face the consequences of Fiona Fox’s strategic undoing. 

Familial Foes

Designed for 5-10 players, Republic of Jungle is a perfect party title. The game administers random roles; then, it’s time to play! Create small task forces to take on Puma’s sensitive scandals and root out the leakers among your loyalists. As the game progresses and your hunches grow stronger, friends become foes as you lie, cheat, and bluff your way to victory. Can the loyalists cover enough secrets to secure Puma’s victory? Or will the leakers hinder reelection with the face of Fiona Fox? 

Ready for Wherever, Whenever

Republic of Jungle is perfect for a game night with friends, family gatherings, or some distraction at the office. Only one copy of the game is required to own, and your teammates can join in on their phones. Wherever you find yourself–huddled around the computer or settled in front of the television–Republic of Jungle goes with you. With unique graphics to enhance the game’s story, Republic of Jungle will surely be a hit for any crowd.


  • Fun for All: Only one copy of the game is required to play, making Republic of Jungle easily accessible for your next game night.
  • Click and Play: Your phone is your controller! With minimal setup, Republic of Jungle can be played anywhere, anytime.
  • Graphic Appeal: Comic-style graphics showcase life inside the Bite House, offering insight into the latest scandals and cover-ups.
  • Friend from Foe: Challenge your friends’ loyalties as you root out the rats!
  • Republic of Jungle is free on Steam for 30 days. Following this launch period, the game will market for $19.99. You can learn more about Republic of Jungle on the official website or follow the game on X.