Rise Eterna War tells the bloody tale of Arthbane, a great general who led the last stand to reclaim his homeland, Ars Rare, from foreign invaders. Play as Arthbane, a decade prior to the events of Rise Eterna, rallying loyalists in a desperate bid to seize the capital, Gaiacus.

Guide Arthbane’s campaign against the occupying Athracian army, balancing strategy and resources to defeat cunning rival generals. Recruit up to 16 units and visit the Chuckwagon to feed your troops. Rally 11 legendary heroes – both new and returning favorites – and lead them to battle through 40+ missions.

With an emphasis on innovative fused gameplay, Rise Eterna War mixes real-time strategy, deck-building mechanics, and resource management. Immerse yourself in a dramatic, character-driven prequel revealing the inner demons of a complex antihero mourning the fall of his nation. Experience the precursor to a fabled resistance movement over hours of dark and emotionally charged storytelling.


– Blend of real-time strategy with deck building and resource management.
– Over 40 story-driven missions.
– 16 diverse units and 11 legendary heroes.
– Multiple levels of upgrades for your units and mounted ballista bolts.
– Resources Management system – buy meals and collect coins to feed and strengthen your forces.
– Emotional Storytelling.
– Dark and brooding narrative.