Spellcasting 56th Warframe revealed, collaborative cosmetic TennoGen program returns

Digital Extremes revealed the first Warframe update of the year titled “Dante Unbound” as part of the team’s latest Devstream. This update welcomes the 56th Warframe into the fold, more quality-of-life improvements, and a new wave of TennoGen collaborative cosmetics, all arriving in March for current platforms. Cross Platform Save also already has more than 250,000 players utilizing the highly-requested feature.

Highlights from the stream included:

The first new Warframe of 2024 reveals himself: Dante, the master of reality’s pages. Warframe 56 is styled around classic-MMO caster classes accompanied by his own new Exalted Weapon named, Noctua. This new Dante-bound Grimoire obliterates enemies by pelting them with spectral pages and covering them in countless cursed paper cuts. Warframe Inaros, the living sandstorm, will receive a long-awaited rework in March too alongside this update, with more details to come soon!

TennoGen also makes a highly-anticipated return in this update adding freshly approved submissions from last year. This collaborative creation program connects community artists with Digital Extremes developers to bring new purchasable cosmetic items into Warframe and share revenue with the corresponding artists. For more information on the positive impact TennoGen has had on Warframe-inspired creatives over the years, reach out to the PR contacts below.

Digital Extremes’ official TennoGen style guide has also been updated. Looking ahead, TennoGen is now accepting submissions for the iconic Entrati style featured in the recently released Whispers in the Walls as well as original takes on the Dagath and Qorvex Warframes. Submissions can take the form of any and all types of cosmetics including Warframe Skins, Weapon Skins, Operator accessories, Landing Craft Skins, among others.

New dev-made cosmetics are also on the way like the Warframe Styanax’s Deluxe Skin teased with concept art during the stream. Finally, reception for the Gauss Prime launch trailer was so positive that the team has made its original music track, “Gauss: Redline,” that was used in the cinematic jaunt free for all to stream on YouTube and Bandcamp today.

For more information and future patch notes on all of the changes planned for the “Dante Unbound” update in March 2024, please keep an eye on our official news pages.