The studio has also announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Eden’s Guardian, the pixel art metroidvania with a unique teleport mechanic, is participating at the Steam Next Fest with a brand new demo that includes the highly requested boss fight.

The game has been garnering interest since it launched its Steam last year, becoming one of the highlighted titles for this Next Fest.

Aside from participating in the festival with its new demo, Eden’s Guardian has also announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will help the studio develop a bigger and better experience for players. It won’t launch until March, but players can follow it and sign up to get notified as soon as it goes live.Where shadow falls… it begins

Eden’s Guardian is a challenging metroidvania experience with handmade pixel art made by Voragine Game Studio. It is set in a world with medieval and fantasy aesthetics devastated by conflict where the history of Gods and humans intertwines.

In Eden’s Guardian you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a guardian, a creature born from Gods and humans, that after being imprisoned for centuries has finally broken free. But when she wakes up, she discovers that the beautiful world she once knew is crumbling under a mysterious curse. Thus, she embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets shrouded in darkness and uncover what befell this world during her captivity!


  • Challenging metroidvania experience with a fresh take on the genre featuring a vast and interconnected world.
  • Stunning handcrafted pixel art and breathtaking scenery.
  • Unique mechanic where you can throw your sword and teleport to it, allowing you to surprise enemies, as well as reach inaccessible areas and cover longer distances.
  • Deep lore, with an intriguing story that you will have to figure out as you explore.
  • Smooth and tight gameplay carefully polished to give the best feeling in both exploration and combat.
  • Epic boss fights where you’ll have to face other guardians with unique abilities and weaknesses.

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