STARWAVE launches you into a cosmic voyage of high-energy music and exhilarating freeform movement inviting you to discover a new way to flow. Feel the rhythm of the universe as you soar through distant galaxies bringing color and light to the night sky. Ride an uplifting wave of energy that delivers you a daily rush of interstellar euphoria – no subscriptions required.


  • Feel the Adrenaline: Experience a lightspeed voyage across the stars. Swing at Supernovas in any direction to paint the sky, swirl through Stardust Trails, charge up Comets, and destroy incoming Asteroids.
  • Find Your Flow: Create your own style of movement and become the center of gravity. Never flow through a single level the same way twice!
  • Discover New Music: Vibe to a pulse-pounding hyperspace soundtrack as you journey across 36 unique areas within six different galaxies, each with their own styles of electronic dance music.
  • Restore the Cosmos: Gather star energy and create majestic constellations in the sky. Chill out in ‘Stargazer’ mode for a meditative retreat to observe your progress.
  • Play Daily Challenges: Join the community and play new challenges each day. Tap into the real-time cycles of Earth’s moon for bonus incentives, and complete streaks to rise to the top of the leaderboards!
  • Grab Collectables: Hone your skills and take a chance at mining the starfield for hidden crystals holding mysteries waiting to be discovered.

STARWAVE was designed and created by Tigertron in partnership with Skymap Games. The project is led by a team with experience working on blockbuster franchises like Guitar Hero, awe-inspiring classics like Child of Eden, and life-changing VR phenomenon like Supernatural: Unreal Fitness.

STARWAVE will be available for download as a single purchase on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 when it launches on September 5th, 2024.

Players can wishlist the experience now by visiting the Meta Quest Store page here: