First time independent developer Liberated Penguin is happy to announce that “End Of World – Story” has surpassed 100+ wishlists within the first 24 hours of its debut on Steam. With a significant contribution from Japan’s user base, this milestone marks a positive surprise and showcases the global reception for this Sci-Fi RPG.

“End Of World – Story” offers a unique blend of heists, space farming, and cosmic saga, inviting players to explore a galaxy where four civilizations coexist 499 years after the defeat of AI. As the 500th anniversary of the Quantum Event approaches, players will uncover ancient secrets and embark on a journey filled with exploration, conflict, and discovery.

The developer expressed gratitude towards the gaming community for their support, stating, “We are excited to see such a positive response, especially from our fans in Japan. This early success on Steam motivates us to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.”

The game developer is also looking forward to releasing the original soundtrack, promising an epic auditory experience that will immerse players in the game’s rich universe.

End Of World – Story” is now available for wishlist on Steam at

Stay tuned for beta access and embark on a journey through a universe reshaped by a quantum event, where evolution and technology intertwine in unimaginable ways.