Demo available through Steam NextFest

Developer Indecision Labs has today unveiled the first look at Knights Within, an exhilarating roguelite that seamlessly blends the realms of medieval fantasy and futuristic sci-fi. Knights Within marries two colossal genres, bringing together the classic allure of knights and medieval orders with the grit of projectile weapons and advanced sci-fi technology. Picture medieval warriors armed with futuristic tech, engaged in a battle that transcends time and space against enemies from the world of fantasy.

The game is a bold approach where skill-based combat takes center stage, challenging the prevailing reliance on random number generation (RNG) in roguelites. Drawing inspiration from beloved classics like Vermintide, Helldivers, and Risk of Rain, the game injects a dose of adrenaline into the roguelite genre, ensuring that every encounter is a test of skill, not just luck.

The environment allows players to immerse themselves in open style procedural maps featuring two major biomes (at the moment) and uses combat that is both complex and tactical, where a run of bad luck can still be brute forced with quick-thinking and skill.

The game will launch in Early Access later this year. A full list of features includes: 

  • 1-3 players (testing is in progress for a 4th)
  • 2 game modes, a mission based survival and an endless difficulty climber
  • Over 65 Gear customization options
  • Over 70 random in-mission modifiers split between players and enemies
  • 13 base enemy types including a procedural boss
  • Leveling, unlocks, prestige and in-game achievement progression systems

Knights Within is currently playable as part of Steam Next Fest (February 5th – 12th, 2024):