Today, Game Matter is excited to announce the launch of Duel Revolution, set to arrive on March 1, 2024. This groundbreaking MMORPG combines the thrill of monster taming with the immersive depth of role-playing games, creating a unique cross-platform experience. Free to play on iOS, Android, and Steam (Windows & macOS), Duel Revolution is poised to become the next big hit in the monster catching community.

Step into a World of Adventure and Strategy

In Duel Revolution players are diving into a rich world of adventure, exploration, and strategic dueling. As duelists, players will navigate a life filled with challenges and excitement, including the collection and customization of various creatures known as Evo. The game focuses not just on climbing the ranks but on the full experience of being a duelist – forming alliances, embarking on quests, and expressing oneself through extensive customization options.

Game Features Include:

– Expansive, Evolving World: A rich storyline and world that expand regularly, offering endless new quests, creatures, and territories to discover.
– MMO Multiplayer: Connect and play with friends or meet new companions along your journey.
– Skilltree-Based Leveling: Customize your gameplay with a strategic skill selection system, tailoring your character to your play style.
– Unique Breeding System: Craft the perfect companion by mixing and matching traits, creating powerful and unique Evo combinations.
– Extensive Customization: Express your individuality with deep character customization options.
– Crafting and Gathering: A robust crafting system that allows players to create useful items and gear.
– Dynamic Day and Night Cycle: A living world that changes with time, affecting gameplay, creature appearances, and quests.
– Community-Centric Live Events: Engage in events that foster competition and cooperation, enhancing the social fabric of Duel Revolution.

A Decade of Passion and Development

Duel Revolution’s development story is one of collaboration and shared vision. André Marín and Dimitri Lautenschläger, each with a passion for gaming, independently ventured into indie game development. Despite having common friends and attending the same school, it was only through an internet forum where Dimitri, recognizing André, started a conversation. This marked the beginning of a creative partnership that would lead to the creation of Duel Revolution.

Join the Revolution on March 1st

Duel Revolution is the next major release in the MMORPG world, eagerly awaited by a dedicated fan community that has been following its development for years. This game promises to offer a unique monster-taming adventure, captivating players across the globe.