A crafting platformer where you and your friends craft weapons and armor from your dwarven workshop, in Dorfs: Hammers for Hire help your patron’s army win the battle, and make your way up the Iron Mountain! 

Developed and published by Ravegan, Dorfs: Hammers for Hire is an arcade co-op game about a group of dwarven weaponcrafters and armorsmiths, traveling through the world to wherever the scent of war and gold takes them. The game features a co-op campaign mode, an arcade mode and versus battles in a 2 versus 2 mode, both local and online. All modes can also be played in solo mode! 

  • Co-Op Campaign: Up to 4 players can take part in the campaign that takes them across 5 Regions and 30 hand-crafted levels as they make their way up the Iron Mountain, each with its own layout, challenges and hazards.
  • Arcade Modes: Work together to clear 10 more levels in any order of your choice. 
  • Versus Battle: Hammer against your friends in this 2v2 Versus mode in any of the 5 arenas to fight in! Same level, same items, same challenges. Only your skills and cooperation will allow you to win!

Local? Online? Solo Mode? Yes! Players can enjoy Dorfs: Hammers for Hire in every way.

Dorfs: Hammers for Hire was showcased by Ravegan in different game dev events during 2022 and 2023, winning Best Multiplayer at BIG Festival 2023 in Brazil (Gamescom Latam) and Best Design at EVA Awards 2022 in Argentina.