DMong (CEO Lee Ji-Baek) announced its participation in the ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B’ at KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 in Ilsan for four days from May 23rd to 26th.

DMong is a company that plans and develops digital content, focusing on VR games, tourism, and cultural content. Its goal is to provide users with enjoyment through producer marketing by developing mobile escape games and a VR zombie apocalypse game set in Korea. DMong collaborates with government-led agencies on Korean metaverse projects and plans and develops content based in Daejeon. Additionally, it has completed a project to create mobile games using Unity at the request of a game production company.

The game Zomvirus, which will be unveiled at this exhibition, is a VR zombie apocalypse game set in Korea, enhancing immersion and fun with Korea’s unique speed and aggressive zombies. The game strengthens its story through various combat skills and missions. By introducing user play-based reinforcement learning technology, the game adjusts the difficulty level according to the user’s skill, further enhancing the immersion of VR.

The mobile escape game ‘This Station’ differs from conventional in that players perform missions and escape through manipulation. This game combines various elements such as puzzles, deduction, item combination, and disassembly. DMong also plans to release ‘This Station’ on Steam.

Regarding their participation in this exhibition, DMong stated, “We plan to launch a Korean-themed VR zombie apocalypse game targeting the North American and Japanese markets in the second half of 2024. Therefore, we decided to participate in the exhibition to find distribution partners in these markets. Additionally, we want to provide users with a demo version before the game’s release and receive feedback.”

Title Image of This Station | Image by DMong
Title Image of This Station | Image by DMong

They added, “One of DMong’s strengths is providing a difficulty adjustment feature based on user preferences through reinforcement learning. This helps tailor the user experience and provide enjoyment. This feature is based on a foundation that can collect and analyze user data, allowing us to provide marketing effects based on data. Through this, we can better understand user preferences and behaviors and provide tailored services.” They emphasized, “DMong’s content and services provide users with enjoyment different from reality, positioning itself successfully in the digital content market.”

The ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B,’ hosted by Gyeonggi Content Agency and KINTEX, is themed ‘More Than Just the Joy of Gaming’ and features exhibitions and experiences of new games from Korean and international game companies. Visitors can enjoy side programs like the retro game market, esports competitions, and cosplay events.