Revitalize and ancient alien world in this cozy and relaxing resource management game

Kinda Brave Entertainment, alongside the talented team at Ember Trail, have today launched their cozy and super chill adventure game, Distant Bloom, on Steam for $19.99 / €19,50 / £16.75. Additionally, you can buy the OST for $2.99 / €2,99 / £2.49, or get them bundled together with a 15% off discount at launch. Transform a world in ruin into a blooming flora-filled paradise in this wonderful adventure!  

Distant Bloom places players on a cosmic expedition to an alien planet, where they must embark upon a critical mission to establish a new home for their species. After a long journey through the cosmic void and an unexpected crash landing, you’re faced with the harsh realization that the lush green paradise teeming with life observed through the telescope back home is actually in complete ruin. Now it’s up to you, along with your faithful robot companion Kei’ki, and your teammates, to figure out what went wrong and restore the planet to its former glory.    

Along your journey, you’ll encounter several biomes ranging from hills, to marshes, to gorges, and forests. Each biome features unique fauna, characterized by the terrain (such as rocky, hot, dry, or wet) and the variety of plants (including trees, shrubs, ferns, and fungus). Players will have the chance to explore the planet’s fragile ecosystem and witness its blossoming before their eyes.  

You’ll have to manage your resources, and collect raw materials and seeds to expand your settlement, upgrade tools, and improve relationships with your companions. Along the way, you’ll encounter animals in need of help, as well as ancient ruins that offer clues to the truth behind how this once vibrant planet found itself on the brink of extinction.  

“With Distant Bloom we wanted to create a cozy, relaxed game about making the best of a bad situation and uncovering the wonder of an alien world,” said Alexander Benitez, from Kinda Brave Entertainment. “We think it’s important to learn to live in harmony with nature, and that takes patience, understanding, and nurturing. Distant Bloom is a game that encourages compassion for the land we live on and we hope it resonates with everyone we share this planet with.”