The cute and spooky metroidvania, Crypt Custodian, has released a free demo on Steam in advance of its participation in Steam’s upcoming Next Fest.  Developed by Kyle Thompson (Previously: Islets (2022) and Sheepo (2020)), Crypt Custodian follows Pluto- a mischievous cat who has just died, and landed in the afterlife’s palace. After a brief and disastrous meeting with the Afterlife Guardian- Kendra- he is banished from the palace and sentenced to clean.. FOREVER!!

Explore the vast grounds that surround the palace, battle beasts with your trusty broom, and gain new abilities to expand your map. Hang out with other doomed ghosts, discover secrets, and… organize an ambush to break back into the palace!

The demo consists of the first hour of gameplay, and includes portions of three game areas as well as a fast paced boss fight.  Specifically, the demo includes:

The Palace:  This is where new ghosts first land upon death and face judgment!  Make your way through the pristine palace in order to meet Kendra- the afterlife guardian.  It’s her job to determine if you’ve been good or bad, and she is very hard to please!

Weeping Wastes: Explore this perpetually raining swamp land, full of garbage and cursed beasts!  Find the afterlife’s local bar- The Sinner’s Inn- to escape the rain and upgrade your gear.  Hang out inside and chat with other doomed ghosts, and try to make your way into the luxurious VIP section!

Pearls Shrine: A shrine dedicated to Pearl- the most beautiful frog to ever live!  Solve puzzles, clean up garbage, and battle your way through this maze-like shrine.  There’s something sinister at the shrine’s edge, if you’re able to find it!

Check it out over on their Steam page: Crypt Custodian on Steam (