Developer Sweet Bandits Studios and publisher Tripwire Presents today announced the release of the latest free update for DECEIVE INC., the World’s Finest, which is available now on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), the PlayStation®5, and the Xbox Series X|S consoles. World’s Finest takes agents into a tale of epic proportions as the world of superheroes is rocked by an unexpected return and an uncertain future. The latest update introduces veteran spy Vigil, a cunning professional who literally wrote the book when it comes to these operations, alongside fittingly superhero-themed cosmetics for players to earn in Seasonal Catalog 4 and a range of gameplay improvements, map updates and bug fixes. The title is currently available to download for free on the PS5™ system as part of PlayStation®Plus Premium.

DECEIVE INC. World’s Finest update highlights include:

  • New Spy, Vigil: The spy formally known as Knight emerges from the shadows in Deceive Inc.’s hour of need, taking the new name of Vigil to fit her new role overseeing the world of spies. Vigil’s extensive practical experience gives her a tactical edge out in the field, bringing with her a unique weapon opening up new traversal options and a selection of high-tech devices she can set up at a moments notice. Leverage Vigil’s unique loadout to never be caught unprepared while out on a mission.
  • Superheroic Cosmetics in Catalog 4: Will Light Mass and Shadow Mask find a way to coexist, or will Shadow Mask crumble under the pressure?! Agents have an exciting new Catalog of cosmetics to unlock including a fittingly heroic pregame lobby, nine new inks, five superhero agent skins, six calling cards, eight new superhero portraits, and eight heroic new intro animations.
  • Diamond Spire Map Updates its Grade: Alongside incremental improvements to many maps, the Diamond Spire map has received a number of significant changes to improve its sparkle. The rooftop and lobby areas are newly polished and expanded for exciting new gameplay opportunities, providing increased density of items and cover for agents to exploit.
  • NPCs Improve Their Behavior: Non playable characters have received behavioral upgrades to ensure they’re reacting more realistically to some of the more violent behavior agents can engage in. NPCs will now correctly react with shock and terror when entering a room with agents engaged in combat and will attempt to flee immediately, and other behaviors have been improved for consistency.
  • Taking Improved Control with Gamepads: Community feedback has continued the drive to improve the gameplay experience with controllers, adding new customization options for menu cursor and scroll sensitivity and better control over sliders where applicable.
  • Boost Experience Gains with Credits, or a Friend: Designed for higher level agents focused on echelon progression, players can spend 1,000 credits to acquire an XP Booster directly from the main menu. Additionally, players can now earn XP by finding “lost and found” boxes during matches to bring those in-line with other discoverables. It’s also the best time to play with friends thanks to the addition of a new 15% XP bonus per friend while in a party together.
  • Go, Gadget Improvements: In the biggest update to gadgets since launch five out of the 10 gadgets have had their functionality altered slightly, shaking up the existing meta and making more loadouts competitive. Changes include a new limited-time battery life for the Drone that can be refilled by manually recovering it while it is still active, new functionality for the Umbrella Shield giving it a short deploy timer but allowing it to block movement and traversal in addition to bullets, subtle visual “glitches” added to Hack-trapped objects to give observant players a potential warning, updated functionality for the Scrambler which allows it to disable all other gadgets when deployed, and more opportunities for players to spot and react to deployed Tripwires. Agents, get out there and see what these changes can do!
  • Additional Bugfixes and Balance Changes: See the full patch notes for a detailed briefing on the full set of changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

DECEIVE INC. is available now for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), the PlayStation®5 computer entertainment system, and the Xbox Series X|S console systems. The standard edition has an MSRP of $19.99 USD, €19.99 EUR, and £16.99 GBP with an ESRB: T for Teen and PEGI 16 rating. Aspiring agents can also purchase the DECEIVE INC. Black Tie Edition for an MSRP of $29.99 USD, €29.99 EUR, and £24.99 GBP to receive a ton of cool extras, including the “Dressed to Impress” Profile Portrait, Title, and Equipment Ink with an additional 1,000 Bonds (in-game premium currency). PlayStation®Plus Premium members can also play DECEIVE INC. for free while it remains a part of the subscription service, here.

For further information on Sweet Bandits Studios please visit their official website and follow them on XInstagramDiscord, and Facebook.