Welcome weary travelers. A new Chapter in our tale is about to begin. One filled with pain and power. Fantasy and fear. One driven by the darkest magic and told in song around flickering campfires. Dungeons & Dragons has come to Dead by Daylight.

Fifty years ago, Dungeons & Dragons first inspired mere mortals to enter its world and campaign to become legends. In celebration of this milestone, the franchise is expanding its horizons with a rare plunge into horror, infusing dark fantasy into the Dead by Daylight universe with a new Killer, Survivor, Map, and D&D-inspired gameplay elements.

Our story unfolds in the crumbling Forgotten Ruins, where the power-hungry villain, The Lich—Vecna, will stop at nothing to achieve his gruesome ambitions. Aestri Yazar, a Bard, has found herself cast into this forsaken land. She must survive at all costs—for who else will be able to tell the tale should she perish?

Will you seek to impose your deadly will, or face the darkness and survive with your party of 4? Ambitious adventurers can get their start early with a limited-time public test build on Steam. Just remember—the difference between life and death is sometimes just a roll of a die.

An Eternal Tyrant

The Whispered One. Lord of the Rotted Tower. The Master of Secrets. Few dare speak his true name. Vecna’s thirst for dark knowledge led him to many strange realms, but a clue found by a servant ignited a new obsession. It spoke of an unknown land. A realm of fog, home to an incredible dark energy.

Driven to harness this power, Vecna spent endless nights fixated on how he might wield it. When he finally found a way in – when The Fog came – excitement washed over him. He’d conquered and ruled countless Realms before, why would this be any different?

Vecna knows no fear, for he carries the Book of Vile Darkness. With it and within the Entity’s Realm, he can cast 4 spells.

  • Fly grants him flying speed for a short time, letting him pass over obstacles in his path.
  • Flight of the Damned conjures flying spectral entities that pass-through obstacles and cause harm to all they hit.
  • Mage Hand creates a ghastly, phantasmic hand that completes tasks such as holding and blocking the use of Pallets.
  • Dispelling Sphere creates a moving AOE sphere that reveals Survivors and disables their Magical Items.

Bardic Inspirations

What would the world be without darkness to contrast the light? What would one sing about if not for the delicate balance between good and evil? Players will be able to choose between Aestri Yazar, an Elf, and Baermar Uraz, a Human, to form The Troupe and lead them on their final adventure.

As the forces of evil began to mysteriously vanish from the land, the Bards needed to find out why. Their arduous journey led them to the Rotted Tower. Mustering up the bravery for a chance encounter with the Arch-Lich, Vecna, they were instead met with a Black Fog.

Whether you choose the role of Aestri or Baermar, they enter the fray with 3 unique Perks.

  • Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator or Exit Gate for a limited time
  • Bardic Inspiration inspires others through a stirring performance. Roll a d20 and fellow Survivors get a Skill Check buff depending on the result of the roll.
  • When not in motion, Still Sight lets you briefly see the auras of all close by Generators, Totems, and Chests.

Enter The Dungeon

The setting for this journey lies in the Forgotten Ruins, a thrilling new Map. It is here that Vecna has made his domain while he researches the mysteries of the Realm. Be brave, traveler, beneath the ruins of a ruined tower lies an underground lair of terrible experiments and horrifying secrets.

A Roll of the Dice

New tools are available to fight this evil. When facing off against Vecna, 7 Chests are scattered across the Map. Seek out their loot and gain untold powers.

To open a Chest, the adventurer must roll a d20. Should you roll a 2 or a 3, you’ll find a regular Dead by Daylight item. Rolling a 4 to 19, however, unlocks a Magical Item—either Gauntlets or Boots, that are equipped automatically. Each Magical Item gives the wearer an ability designed to counter one of Vecna’s spells.

Rolling a 20, a critical success, grants a powerful Magical Item that can be used like a Perk.

  • The Eye of Vecna allows the user to vanish for a brief period after exiting a Locker.
  • The Hand of Vecna allows the user to teleport from one Locker to another.

They may be powerful, but power comes at a cost. Each time they are called upon, the user loses a Health State, so choose your moment wisely.

As for the unlucky adventurers who roll a 1, a critical fail, they have a nasty surprise waiting for them.

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons will be available on all supported platforms on June 3rd, 2024. The limited time PTB is available to play now on Steam. ​