Level Infinite today unleashed Tarisland, their highly anticipated cross-platform MMORPG, to adventurers across the globe. From this moment, players worldwide can access the game on App StoreGoogle Play and its official website. Fans can immerse themselves in Tarisland’s stunning fantasy realm, selecting from nine unique classes and endless character customization to begin their epic journeys.

To commemorate this momentous launch, Tarisland debuts Season 0: Mystery of the Hollows, introducing a vast array of content including five 5-player dungeons, eight 10-player raid bosses, PvP arenas, and engaging open-world activities. Each class wields two specialized talent trees and eight ultimates, enabling players to forge distinct identities.

Tarisland’s launch celebrations kick off with:

  • Legendary Dungeon Championships: Adventurers can complete dungeon activities for a chance to win epic physical prizes like the iPhone 15 Pro, PlayStation 5, and more. Players can also race in speedrun challenges for rare in-game titles and items, such as the Gift Card rewards from the final Blight Dragon dungeon challenge. These events last from today to July 31, 2024, and players can learn more at this link.
  • Top MMO Guild Showdown: Starting today, players can watch game commanders of top MMO guilds, Scripe from Echo and Maximum from Liquid, compete live as they explore Tarisland’s dungeons and raids.
  • Twitch Drops: Unlock exclusive in-game pets and mounts by watching designated Tarisland streams from today to July 18. Rewards include Bunny Wants Candy, Yellow Duckling, and a rare Reindeer.
  • TikTok Gaming Incentive Program: U.S. TikTok creators could have a chance to win rewards for creating Tarisland content with the hashtag #TarislandBestie from today to July 4 based on views.

All players logging into Tarisland can claim an adorable Siamese cat, while adventurers who registered with Level Infinite Pass and created a character will receive extra rewards like the Prosperity Seeker dog and Unicorn Mount for free. Players can also redeem exclusive in-game rewards by entering the gift code “PlayTarisland.” With over 100 free cosmetics earnable through gameplay, the possibilities for self-expression are limitless.