Immerse yourself in the futuristic crime-ridden mystery of Uncover the Smoking Gun, an immersive mystery adventure game coming to Steam on June 24th with an exclusive Steam Next Fest demo available right now. Uncover the Smoking Gun bridges the thrill of a hand-crafted narrative adventure with the modern sensibilities of ChatGPT with care, creating an open-ended mystery sandbox featuring an original narrative that will intrigue even the most hardboiled detective.

It’s time to pour a cup of coffee as it’s going to be a long night at the Investigation office. Uncover The Smoking Gun features a rich narrative that will allow you to delve deep into conversations as you question your suspects using dialogue systems driven by ChatGPT. 

Harnessing the power of GPT-4o technology, the dialogue system of Uncover the Smoking Gun utilizes speech styles unique to each suspect that you will encounter while on the case. While the narrative of mystery is hand-crafted, the conversations you have along the way are entirely up to you. Get creative as your robot suspects have a mind of their own, leading to a vast number of possible outcomes for each conversation. Explore crime scenes and decide how you want to approach each scenario, leading your own interrogations how you see fit to solve the mystery at hand.

Embrace the freedom of exploration through investigation as you work to unravel the causes of recent dark events. What object was used to administer the lethal dose of poison, and who stood to benefit from Chairman Stanley Mason’s sudden death? Solve these mysteries and more as you discover new narrative wrinkles each time you play. 

Examine objects of interest, collect evidence from the scene of the crime, and utilize your Investigation Board to piece together your findings. Submit your conclusions at the end of a case and receive a grade based on your accuracy. Replay cases to discover unsolved aspects of the mystery and to try and get a higher grade.

Keep your eyes peeled and your notepad ready as Uncover the Smoking Gun launches on Steam on June 24th. Aspiring Detectives who are ready to open up these cold cases can play the exclusive Steam Next Fest demo right now. Don’t leave any evidence behind! Wishlist Uncover The Smoking Gun on Steam and join the official Discord Server to stay informed about the case.

Key Features:

  • Interrogate the Suspects: Ask the robot suspects about the case. What are their alibis? How are they related to the case? Discern truth and lies from their statements.
  • Collect Evidence: There are many pieces of evidence and traces at the crime scene. Search the crime scene in detail to find hidden evidence. Use your keen observation and analysis skills to review the evidence. 
  • Uncover the Smoking Gun: Link the multitude of evidence and witness statements to deduce the case. Your deducing skills can discover the hidden truths among the scattered pieces of evidence and testimonies.
  • Endlessly Replayable: Hone your skills as you replay cases to gain new perspective and improve your grade. Ask suspects new questions and try a different approach. Curiosity will be rewarded for detectives willing to get to the bottom of the mystery.