“Brazen Blaze” Open Beta now available to play until February 12th

Today, MyDearest Co., Ltd. announces the start of Open Beta for its anticipated 3v3 multiplayer melee VR game, “Brazen Blaze” on Meta Quest. The game is set to launch on the Meta Quest Store this year, for Quest devices and on Steam. Experience the thrill of this fast-paced, action multiplayer until February 12, 2024 in “Brazen Blaze’s” Open Beta, live now. Interested players can register here.

Developed by MyDearest, the creators of “Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate” and “Tokyo Chronos,” “Brazen Blaze” is a competitive, close-quarter melee combat game reminiscent of your favorite online platform fighter games, but in VR. “Brazen Blaze” features characters with unique skills, ultimates, and weapons. Players choose among unique characters with rich backstories and commanding skills to destroy whatever lies in their path to achieve victory.

Whether you like quick and casual online gaming or prefer to dive into hours of crazy fun fights and content, “Brazen Blaze” is both a challenge for seasoned pros and for newbies. Almost everything in “Brazen Blaze” is destructible, allowing players to punch, kick, and melee their way through the game’s first map set in New York City. With quick 5- to 10-minute matches, players have the freedom to engage in high intensity action using movements like pushing enemies off of skyscrapers, delivering powerful punches, or demolishing buildings. 

Brazen Blaze’s Open Beta Promotions

  • Introducing Two New Characters – Velvet and Sunshine: In addition to the three characters playable in the Closed Alpha Test – Riot, Legacy, and Skybolt – February’s Open Beta will introduce two new characters, Velvet and Sunshine. Celebrity actress Velvet is a speed-type character wielding a katana, and is determined to cut her way to fame. Sunshine is a war robot who decided to pivot his career to become a comedian. Sunshine uses bombs as his main weapon. 
  • Register Now for Promo Items: Players who register for the open beta, running now until its conclusion on February 12th, will receive exclusive promotional items, including in-game currency Hazen Gems and other unique items upon the official game launch. Details can be found on the official Brazen Blaze website
  • Brazen Blaze Invitation Program: Players have the opportunity to earn rewards by playing with friends until February 12, 2024. Detailed campaign information can be found on the official Brazen Blaze website.

For more information and to register for the open beta, visit:

Brazen Blaze Open Beta Registration

Steam Page: Brazen Blaze Steam Page