PVP Players Can Rejoice In Two New PVP Updates With New Combative 300v300 Faction War And New 15v15 Guild League

Pearl Abyss, the innovative force behind Black Desert Online, concluded the groundbreaking War of the Roses pre-season this past weekend — a spectacular 300vs300 PvP faction war – across multiple territories. The developer then launched a new, more compact 15v15 Guild League update today for Guild versus Guild battles.

War of the Roses – Overview | Black Desert

First-ever War of the Roses 300v300 Thrilling Pre-Season Match

In an historic clash last Sunday night, both North American and European guilds, along with individual participants, engaged in exhilarating 300v300 battles across key regions within Black Desert Online.

In North America, the swift victory went to Kamasylvia, where the formidable Cho Nation guild proved superior against O’dyllita, led by the Eferium Guild. In Europe, the War of the Roses unfolded in a hard-fought battle, with the O’dyllita faction emerging victorious. On both sides of the Atlantic, Adventurers praised the new mode’s fluid gameplay, PvE and PvP mechanics, overall server performance, and provided constructive feedback, which will be instrumental in enhancing future editions of War of the Roses. The next War of the Roses is provisionally planned for February 18.

  • Innovative Commander Mechanics
  • Powerful Top-Down Tactical Map for Land and Sea Battles
  • New Faction Skills, Siege Vessels, NPC Bosses

Conditions are simple: Each castle houses an NPC commander, and factions must storm the opponent’s castle to defeat their respective NPC Commander. The first to defeat the general claims victory and is adorned with the prestigious Rose Crown.

For more information on War of the Roses, including its key features and gameplay mechanics, please refer to this fact sheet in the asset pack or check the overview video here. Adventurers will be pleased to know that last week’s War of the Roses will be analysed in a live stream that is scheduled to take place at 12:00 PST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 21:00 CET today.

Guild League Goes for Accessibility

Guild League is a brand new 15v15 PvP mode offering guilds the opportunity to test their combat prowess against each other. When the Guild League content is active, guilds that have signed up to participate are matched against each other. 

This content is specifically designed to make PvP content more accessible and fun. Guildmates are encouraged to work together and challenge other guilds whilst scoring points for much needed bragging rights. Guilds with 1,000 points (100 kills) or a higher score at the end of the match time win!