Black Desert Mobile’s “Succession Skill” Update Offers Unlimited Skill Combo Variation and New Region

The Black Desert mobile team simultaneously unveiled a comprehensive revamp of its class system for Black Desert Mobile yesterday enabling players limitless skill combinations for all 28 classes paired with the new Sherekhan territory, an expansive region to explore.

Black Desert Mobile Receives New ‘Land of the Sherekhan’ Region and Succession Skill Update

Adventurers can now explore the new “Land of the Sherekhan” region and learn Succession Skills offering a variety of skill combinations in combat. Succession Skill is the concept that enables Ascension and Awakening classes to interchangeably select one of two designated skills from the opposite class. For example, [Awakening] Berserker is able to use one of two skills of [Ascension] Gladiator either “Spinning Slash” or “Piercing Spear.” Gladiator can choose Berserker’s skills either “Havoc Thrust” or “Crushing Falcon” for Succession Skill. Classes that only have Ascension or Awakening, like Scholar and Shai, can also use Succession Skills. Please check the official YouTube channel for succession previews for every class. 

Succession Skills Update

“Land of the Sherekhan,” was released for Adventurers with CP (Combat Power) ranges between 43,000 to 60,000. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of skill combinations through the Succession Skill, giving them paths to tactical ways of playing combat by combining diverse skills such as mixing long-distance skills and short-distance skills. Succession Skills can be enhanced using Charm of Succession, a Family Gear that can be crafted using in-game materials.

Pearl Abyss continues to push the boundaries of MMORPG experiences and fosters its global gaming communities. For more information about these exciting updates for PC and Mobile, please check the official Black Desert Online and/or Black Desert Mobile websites.