Polish solo game development studio Pax Tyrannica Games has revealed its ambitious debut title “Steel Executor”, a volatile, fast-pacedtechno-fueled 3D top-down shooter set in an original post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world.

With an emphasis on adrenaline-based fun, Steel Executor aims to elevate the classic “one hit – one kill” framework by introducing several changes and innovations to gameplay.

Freeform Dual Wielding brings player choice and customization to a whole new dimension, as, for example, you can either fill rooms with ricocheting lead by dual wielding shotguns, or keep a blade or crowbar in one hand – just in case an enemy oversteps your personal space. Out of ammo? Throw the useless thing at them, and lop off their heads as they get up in a daze.

With the planned amount of weapons to find, earn and unlock, gamers will be able to play out just about any cool shootout or iconic movie rampage scenario that comes to mind.

The developer has also confirmed dual wielding rocket launchers is very much possible. The inclusion of rocket-propelled explosives like that might seem a bit too OP for this kind of game, but its creator Peter Gala insists on total freedom of choice and approach. This insistence can be seen in the trailer as players will be able to blow up sections of walls within stages to open up alternative assault paths and find secret bonuses.

Every weapon of every enemy can be picked up and turned against them, including such novelty weapons as Technolegionnaire Rocket Lances with a hidden explosive projectile, or Plasma Halberds that slice through flesh and armor alike from a safe distance. Combined with snappy controls and a few crucial combat upgrades, skilled players can clear entire stages with any one weapon they really like, whether it’s melee, ranged, or both.

There is, however, a certain deal of tactical depth in this total carnage.

Facing Armored enemies provides an additional layer of challenge, as you’ll have to knock them out with a blunt weapon, or find a bigger gun with armor-piercing ammunition that doesn’t mind shredding through anything in its path. 

Although, most likely, you’ll have to retrieve it from someone else’s dead hands… meaning, your room-clearing routine can’t be just thoughtless flailing about.

A futuristic sci-fi setting isn’t complete without some form of Hacking involved, but in Steel Executor hacking takes place in tight virtual combat arenas where the Firewall AI tries to swarm and kill you. 

Blowing up a group of enemies in a power generator explosion might seem like a tempting solution to a tough encounter, but it’s always a risky trade – for a deadly challenge of wit and agility.

Your virtual hacking avatar is armed to the teeth with a choice of reloadable Shotgun Cannon, Laser Rifle or Rocket Launcher, but ultimately it’s impossible to survive as an Invader forever – you have to find and reach the Exit Node to successfully finish hacking. 

Sounds tough as nails? It is, it’s a difficult game by design, but it allows restarting each short stage nigh instantly on failure. Death is only a temporary setback, and the “just one more try” gamer instinct should kick in rather quick. 

Replayability with a wide range of possibilities and customization is one of Steel Executor’s strongest attributes. 

All of this comes wrapped in an original post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting, and in a story of your untimely death. 

Returned to life with an experimental transfer of consciousness to a shelved corporate project – an industrial android unit for mass production – players will go on a hunt for answers… and payment. 

Killing or Sparing key story characters in Story Mode influences the gameplay and the final outcome. For example, players might feel morally obliged to end a character’s life and retrieve a very rare upgrade module from their body, but is it worth the price of an angry gang on your back and additional Armored enemies spawning throughout the rest of the game? 

The answer is yet to come – Steel Executor is “coming soon” to PC players on Steam, with some hints the game “might” come out late this year.