The first title from Reflector Entertainment will launch this summer, with Anya Chalotra starring as main protagonist Haroona

Bandai Namco Europe revealed today a first look at gameplay from narrative action-adventure game Unknown 9: Awakening. Developed by Reflector Entertainment, the title is set to release this summer on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

Unknown 9: Awakening is a third-person, narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows the story of Haroona, a Quaestor born with the ability to venture into the Fold; a mysterious dimension that overlaps our own. On her quest for powerful hidden knowledge, she will learn to master her unique connection to the Fold, which allows her to channel its powers into our world. But such power does not go unnoticed. Haroona quickly becomes the target of the Ascendants, a splinter faction of a secret organisation known as the Leap Year Society, which wants to use the Fold to alter the course of human history.

Players will take on the role of Haroona, who embarks on a globetrotting journey to right the wrongs of her past. As this quest unfolds, players will choose whether to ambush opponents from the shadows or fight by stepping into their enemies to control them, dodge bullets, shield attacks, hurl energy, and devise creative combat combinations to customise their playstyle.

“We are thrilled to share some gameplay of Unknown 9: Awakening for the first time. It’s an exciting moment for the studio as our teams have been hard at work to create a new piece of this expansive narrative universe” said Christophe Rossignol, Creative Director at Reflector Entertainment. “The game will offer an exciting journey set in a rich and vibrant world for players to enjoy. We hope you will follow our next steps as we reveal more of this adventure!”

Joining in on this project is the talented Anya Chalotra, who portrays Haroona, the game’s audacious main protagonist. The actress’ knack for bringing strong female characters to life made her an obvious choice when it came to casting Unknown 9: Awakening’s lead character.

Unknown 9: Awakening is the key entry point into the Unknown 9 IP’s expansive narrative universe, which includes a series of interconnected adventures told across comic books, podcasts, novels, and more. Players will be able to extend their Unknown 9: Awakening experience by enjoying these tales. Those who know where to look will uncover their share of crossovers, callbacks, secrets and more.

Unknown 9: Awakening will launch this summer 2024 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. For more information on Unknown 9: Awakening visit the official page. For other BANDAI NAMCO Europe products, visit our website, follow us on Facebook or X, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.