As the only Juggalo besides me to put Bang! Pow! Boom! in their top two favourite Joker’s Card, it’s safe to say I latched onto your content with the very first video you uploaded. Every couple of months I find myself watching all the videos on your channel (to those unsure I’m not a stalker, there’s only seven now), and am dismayed every time I realise a video has been taken down.

I’ve always enjoyed your takes on Insane Clown Posse’s music, such as Queens being the first serious love song by them. Your video about combining Bizzar / Bizaar into a single album was also a fun and interesting idea to watch. While I don’t agree with all your takes, as Juggalo Paradise definitely deserved a spot on the final album in my opinion, I enjoyed watching you argue with yourself for what makes the final cut.

After posting the Yum Yum Bedlam review video almost two and a half years ago I was hoping more videos would follow not long after, but instead some videos started being taken down.

I don’t want to make this post sound anymore desperate than I already have, so I will end with the fact that you and Beneath the Dirt are my two favourite Juggalo podcasters / YouTubers, and it sucks that neither of you are active anymore. If you’re reading this – I hope you’re doing well in whatever you’re doing, and will make more ICP / Twiztid related content again in the future. All the best.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Alexx.