Rally your fighters and join the skirmish as VR physics-based sword-fighter Battle Talent launches a new multiplayer update available now. As seen during the UploadVR Showcase, Battle Talent now features an exciting multiplayer mode playable with up to four players local or online. Collaborate with your fellow adventurers to discover new combo attacks, share resources, engage in a bit of tomfoolery and take down powerful bosses together.

Harnessing the power of virtual reality in multiplayer, Battle Talent transports you to perilous combat arenas. Explore dynamic levels with your fellow adventurers and experiment with weapons, abilities and magical summons to discover how your strengths complement each other in battle.

Charge into the fight and think strategically using the realistic physics system of Battle Talent. Throw your foe into the air while your partner fires a deadly arrow to finish the job. Freeze the group of encroaching enemies to buy your group more time to heal. Combine the power of your flaming ax with your partner’s lightning summons to devastate the gaggle of goblins before you. Together utilize aerial combos, sword attacks, shooting, magic abilities and infused weapons to keep the fight varied and tailored to your own playstyles.

Battle Talent is the first sword-fighting game to support Mixed Reality using the Meta Quest 3. Unsheath your weapons in multiplayer mixed reality battles. Experiment with the scene editor to place traps and spawn enemies to take on with your friends. Be warned: Goblins love to jump on your furniture.

Experience swift and satisfying swordplay along with your fellow fighters today as Battle Talent is available now alongside the new multiplayer and mixed reality update.


  • Advanced Physics: Battle Talent’s advanced physics delivers precise collision detection, climbing mechanics, realistic physics feedback, immersive sound effects, formidable weaponry, and challenging adversaries.
  • Rich Combat: Battle Talent boasts an extensive array of combat maneuvers, including aerial combos, deflections, grabs, throws, dismemberment, shooting, and magical abilities.
  • Magic-Infused Weapons: Numerous weapons feature distinct abilities, such as summoning lightning or ice. Experiment with other abilities using the new enchantment and imbuement system.
  • Roguelite Levels: Diverse roguelite levels offer sprawling seamless dungeons teeming with enemies. As you progress, reap rewards and unlock an array of new abilities and weapons through in-game stores.
  • Mod System: The integrated mod system consistently maintains a top-ten position on Mod.io, boasting an extensive library of over 2,000 available mods.
  • Mixed Reality for Quest 3: Experience combat in mixed reality with Battle Talent’s innovative mode, the first sword-fighting game to support Mixed Reality. Engage in multiplayer battles in mixed reality, transforming the experience into an offline party game.