Naval shoot-em-up mobile game, Azur Lane, proudly announces its latest event, “Spring Festive Fiasco,” featuring the debut of five new shipgirls, among them one Super Rare shipgirl. In addition to welcoming these new shipgirls, Commanders can obtain seven brand-new skins released in the shop, as well as a plethora of other thrilling rewards up for grabs throughout the event’s duration. All Commanders are cordially invited to partake in the festivities before the event concludes on February 21st at 11:59 PM (UTC-7).

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Event Updates and Introduction

The ever-curious Fu Shun, even after becoming the secretary ship, remains passionate about uncovering hidden secrets. Following the guidance of the mystery, the girls arrive at the abandoned factory. Lurking within the shadows ahead, what “mystery” awaits them, one can only guess…

Besides the story, Azur Lane has also launched a special, limited-time event named “Spring Festive Fiasco,” set to continue through February 21st, 2024. Throughout this event, Commanders are invited to engage in world BOSS battles to earn damage PT and accumulate PT, which enables them to collect both full server rewards and personal rewards. Furthermore, Commanders can obtain Bonus Tickets by completing various tasks within the event’s timeframe. These tickets allow Commanders to access three basic levels offering high-yield challenges, as well as the opportunity to tackle the EX difficulty level.

New Shipgirls and Construction

This event introduces five new shipgirls, highlighted by the Super Rare shipgirl Huan Ch’ang. Joining her are four Elite shipgirls making their first appearance in the game: Chi An, Lung Wu, Hu Pen, and Fei Yuen. Notably, Fei Yuen can be obtained for free during this event. The remaining new shipgirls will enjoy a rate-up in the Limited Construction Pool throughout the event period, increasing players’ chances of recruiting them.

Available Skins during the Event

During the “Spring Festive Fiasco” event, a collection of seven new skins from the Empery’s Fineries series has been released, with highlights including an L2D skin—Ascendant Dragon’s Spring Feast for Lung Wu—and two dynamic skins: Dance Beneath the Moonlight for Huan Ch’ang and Prancing Tiger Welcomes the Spring for Hu Pen. These skins for Lung Wu, Huan Ch’ang, and Hu Pen can be temporarily accessed through outfit voucher rentals, which Commanders can obtain by logging in regularly during the event.

Simultaneously, the event sees the return of eight popular skins, which also belong to the Empery’s Fineries series. This rerun features Ying Swei and Chao Ho’s L2D skins, plus dynamic skins for Yat Sen and Hwah Jah. Commanders who missed the opportunity to add these skins to their collection previously will have a new chance to secure them during the event.