HYBE IM gives fans the most in-depth look yet at the stunning 2D RPG in a brand-new video

A brand new gameplay trailer has been released by HYBE IM on the official IGN YouTube channel, revealing never-before-seen gameplay and details for its upcoming RPG, ASTRA: Knights of Veda. The visually stunning and story-rich 2D RPG, developed by FLINT and published by HYBE IM, launches globally on April 2 for Steam, iOS, and Android, having already seen over 2 million pre-registrations. 

This gameplay video showcases a number of features and important locations in Planis – the world of ASTRA: Knights of Veda. Witness the Tower of Trials, Sealed Prisons, the Forgotten Mine, and the Nightmare Dungeons up close and see the tyrannical King Magnus himself. Inspired by the golden era of 2D action-adventure games, ASTRA: Knights of Veda provides a fresh take on beat ’em up and side-scrolling combat that has been designed by developers FLINT for over six years, blending a modern experience with the charm of the beloved classics while still giving players something new to enjoy. 

Each player’s time in the world of Planis will be different, thanks to the multitude of options available, as seen in the gameplay trailer. The Tower of Trials is an imposing sky-piercing monolith with 12 floors for players to battle through and ascend to the top of the Tower. As rooms are cleared and they move up the Tower, powerful buffs are unlocked to help with the ascent. 

Nightmare Dungeons await the bravest heroes looking for a challenge to test their skills, or they can take on giant spiders in the Forgotten Mine. Sealed Prisons appear across the world of Planis and will unlock as players progress through the story. Each of these prisons contains one near-immortal being with immense power and strength. Only the Master of the Book and their allied Knights of Veda can overcome the near-impossible odds and vanquish these foes.

When players want to take a break, they can utilize the semi-auto gameplay function to gain EXP and collect rewards without having to be in-game all the time, ready to dive back in whenever and wherever. ASTRA: Knights of Veda supports crossplay between Steam, iOS, and Android so players can take the fight to free Planis from the forces of evil no matter where they are. The game is fully voiced by a cast of top voice actors in Korean, English, and Japanese and is playable in 13 languages.

The new ASTRA: Knights of Veda gameplay trailer can be viewed now on the official IGN YouTube channelASTRA: Knights of Veda is available for pre-registration on the official websiteGoogle Play, and the Apple App Store ahead of its launch on April 2 and can be wishlisted on Steam. For more information on ASTRA: Knights of Veda, follow the game on X/Twitter, join the official Discord, and visit the website. Listen to the new OST from SEVENTEEN’S SEUNGKWAN and watch fromis_9’s LEE NA GYUNG transform into the Goddess Veda on the official ASTRA: Knights of VedYouTube.