MicroProse is happy to announce that Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks is NOW AVAILABLE in Early Access on Steam.

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is a unique combination of tank design and tycoon game. It puts you in charge of an arms trading company specializing in tanks from WWI to the modernera. Research, design, sell, and follow your tanks in battle to make your own history!


Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is a tycoon simulation game that puts you in charge of a small and young arms trading company, specializing in constructing and selling tanks all around the world. Shape the history of tank warfare as you researchdesignproduce and sell the ultimate fighting machines from the dawn of tank warfare to modern times.

Every design decision you make will be tested on the battlefield starting from small skirmishes to world wars. Every business you engage in will affect your company and change the world’s history. 
Grow your arms trade empire, monopolize the markets and prove yourself worthy to be called a true Arms Tycoon and Tank Designer!

Tank Design

Recreate world-famous tank models or design your own unique fighting vehicles from a multitude of tank components. Adapt your tanks to new challenges and environments with the help of various improvements. Extend the life of your tank models by introducing new powerful upgrade packages and modernisations!


Fine tune every single tank component with the help of modifications to match upcoming challenges. Acquire your opponent’s tank models and reverse-engineer them to gain access to rare tank components. Use cutting-edge technologies from various tank schools to create decisive instruments of war that the world has never seen!

Tank Schools

Embark on the path as a tank designer for different countries. Each country offers a different play-style due to unique research trees, tank doctrines, political systems and accessibility to various resources. Guide your company to success through the turbulence of conflicts and world wars!


Observe your tanks performance in all major historical conflicts and world wars. See them succeed or fail and make your design decisions based on the provided battle reports. Make a general-purpose fighting vehicle or adapt your tank models to specific theaters of war!


Control various aspects of your corporation including raw resource procurement, logistics and staff management. Gain access to different corporate advances ranging from building upgrades to new trade deals. Attract and hire tank visionaries to help you lead different parts of your company!

Early Access and Roadmap

ATTT is in Early Access. Here, you can find a list of content that is currently included in the game. This list will of course grow rapidly as the developers progress along the roadmap and implement more and more features into the game!