Wield the power of the elements in Last Loremaster – a high-octane ARPG inspired by Middle Eastern mythology, from Egypt-based developer The Bad Nomads

Seamlessly wield and merge the six cardinal elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, and Nature) to vanquish your foes and save the world from the Unravelling in Last Loremastera high-octane APRG inspired by classics like Darksiders and Hades from Egypt-based developer The Bad Nomads.

Set in a Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy realm, Last Loremaster sees players take on the role of the titular Loremaster Jahir as they wield the elements to slay lowly minions, fell enormous bosses and beat back the encroaching Unravelling – a force that threatens to destroy the world. 

Featuring six unique ability sets – one for each element – a deep gear customization system and a vast array of enemies and itemsLast Loremaster is a love-letter to ARPG fans everywhere. Having today released their Steam page to significant influencer attention, Last Loremaster has a free demo available to play now on Steam.

Key features of Last Loremaster include:

  • Exciting, Flow-tastic Combat. Last Loremaster features 6 unique ability sets for players to switch between at will – and a fluid, dynamic combat system with physics-based animations.
  • Middle Eastern-inspired Setting. Last Loremaster is set in a stunning fantasy-apocalyptic world inspired by Middle Eastern mythology, with beautiful hand-crafted visuals, sounds and music.
  • Deep Gear Customization. With dozens different items to collect, customize and modify – as well as the ability to augment and customize your abilities – Last Loremaster is any ARPG fan’s dream.

Last Loremaster is currently available to wishlist on Steam, and features a free-to-play demo. Players can also follow the game on Twitter and The Bad Nomads’ website.