Shattered Moon Games is proud to announce their upcoming game “Dawn of the Ashen Queen”.

“Dawn of the Ashen Queen” is a classic grid-based, first-person dungeon crawler reminiscent of 90s era RPG games. Story-focused and narrative-rich while bringing back the old gameplay into a new modern graphic engine.

Set out with your party to reveal the legacy of a millennia-old curse in a narrative-rich experience. Explore the colorful world of Eshavon, unearth its many secrets and fight dangerous foes sent out to stop you on your mission.

Key Features

–  In-depth RPG character creation with multiple races, classes and traits, a point-based ability system and several class-based skill trees.
–  3 NPCs join the party throughout the game, all with their own personality.
–  Fleshed-out narrative driven gameplay with text-based cutscenes, dialogues and party banter bringing life to the world and let you experience an immersive story with twists and turns.
–  Plenty of secrets wait for you to get discovered: secret doors, illusionary walls and puzzles to test your wits. But beware of devious traps, which lure careless explorers into their death.
–  Real-time based combat where you fight your foes with a wide array of sharp weapons, powerful spells and cunning abilities.
–  Explore the diverse world of Eshavon: Travel through lush forests, deep dark caverns, blistering ice mountains, mysterious crypts, fog-covered woods, ancient halls of a long-forgotten race and plenty of other colorful environments.