After just passing the 400,000 individual players mark, the game has now received a new update. Dubbed Dark Tales, it unlocks additional content for each hero and brings an eagerly awaited new feature, as well as various adjustments. Playable in solo or co-op mode in teams of up to 4, the famous roguelike is continuing to enrich its early access version, pending the next major update and the announcement of its final release date.

New content to rediscover each hero in a new light

With its Dark Tales update, Ravenswatch provides a more in-depth backstory for each of its heroes. Players can also expand their playing style for each hero, thanks to 30 new unlockable talents.

A new section now appears in the main menu. Entitled Memoirs, it enables you to learn more about the past and context of each of the 8 playable heroes. These unlockables become accessible as the player’s mastery of the character increases.

Offer teammates fallen in battle a second chance at the Altar of Heroes

The Dark Tales update also brings a brand-new feature. With the Altar of Heroes, players can now revive one of their companions, even if they have run out of resurrection feathers. This feature comes in the form of a new activity. Nonetheless, if their team is intact, players can instead opt for an additional feather or an experience bonus.

Various adjustments to improve the overall gameplay

The Passtech Games studio has worked hard to offer players a more stable cooperative experience worldwide. To meet this objective, connections between players are now managed by Epic Online Services. 

In addition to a general rebalancing of the game and characters, new verbal interactions with some NPCs have been added. Finally, players can now activate subtitles, and thereby read the heroes’ dialogue on-screen.