New epic themes stretching across multiple months of adventures in The Contest are coming! The first of these Sagas is X-Magica and will span from March 6 to June 5. Here’s what you have to look forward to!

In this first Saga X-Magica, we witness rising threats looming over the Mutants and Mystics of The Battlerealm. Heroes must unite these two disparate groups as they face constant attacks from fearsome foes.

Knull and his army of Symbiotes have set their eye on the mutant island paradise of Krakoa, intent on consuming its inhabitants to add to his growing army of parasitic monstrosities. On the other side of The Battlerealm, Kingpin has begun his foray into the realm of arcane crime, starting with a highly lucrative heist targeting Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Seeing an opportunity to collaborate, Magik, Nightcrawler, and Scarlet Witch set about establishing an alliance between Mutants and Mystics in the hopes of saving both from these calamitous villains.

Can the sorcerers push back Knull’s rising tide of darkness and save Krakoa from annihilation? Can the X-Men dismantle Kingpin’s magical mob of arcane empowered criminals? Find out in the first ever exciting Saga – X-Magica!

Check out the all-new Motion Comic “Nightcrawler needs your help” here:

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