The esteemed action role-playing game Aether Gazer announces a major update with the launch of the “Night Parade of the Beasts” event. This latest enhancement expands the game’s epic saga by introducing Chapter 16 to the main storyline. Admins can look forward to the debut of an exciting new S-Grade Modifier and a chic Modifier Outfit, as well as a variety of substantial rewards. The event is scheduled to begin after the maintenance on April 23rd, promising players a full week of enthralling gameplay experiences.

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The Story of Night Parade of the Beasts

When the tide of ferocious beasts surged towards the lower capital district, the deities sleeping in the mountain forests also quietly awakened. Memories of the past helped us discern friends from foes, yet the choices awaiting us were incredibly heavy…

Limited-Time Event with Various Rewards

Following the latest update, the “Night Parade of the Beasts” event will be initiated. Admins have the opportunity to obtain limited-time rewards by participating in events such as “Imago Nightmare,” “Let’s Make Mooncakes,” and “Whisper in the Woods.” These rewards include a new Name Card: Barren Flowers, new Mid-Autumn Festival-themed furniture, and new Stickers: Rogue Vigilante.

New Modifiers are Welcomed

Kuramitsuha, a rogue vigilante of great renown from Sasanami’s Shimogyou District, is capable of wielding powerful ice Divine Power despite hating the cold. She became aware of the nature of the world at a very young age but lacked a natural sense of purpose and refused to believe that she was a Modifier. However, having to fight Visbanes out of necessity led her to cultivate an interest in human society. She has always lived life by her own rules and desires.

Kuramitsuha’s attacks can inflict ice elemental damage on enemies, and upon hitting an opponent with her third skill, it applies an additional effect that reduces their ice resistance. Furthermore, after casting her ultimate, the ally with the highest attack power among ice attribute Modifiers receives a buff that reduces incoming damage and enhances critical damage. This makes her an exceptionally powerful ice-based support Modifier.

New Ultimate Skillchains

The Ultimate Skillchain continues to be a key gameplay mechanism in Aether Gazer. This update introduces three fresh Ultimate Skillchains.

New Sigils

Properly allocating Sigils can significantly enhance a character’s combat capabilities. Two new Sigils will be added in the upcoming update.

New Functors

Accompanying the debut of new Modifiers, this update also introduces three additional functors. Equipping these functors can greatly enhance the damage efficiency of the Modifiers: