Exciting news, treasure hunters! Hunter Studio is thrilled to announce that a limited-time playtest for Lost Castle 2, the upcoming sequel to the 2 million+ selling action roguelike Lost Castle, is available to download now on Steam, letting treasure hunters and goblin battlers take their initial steps into an exciting new adventure.

Available to play from today until April 25th, the Lost Castle 2 playtest features 3 mysterious locations to explore, 7 big bosses to battle, and an abundance of treasures and weapons for hunters to discover. Join the Treasure Hunters Guild in a mighty quest alone or in 4-player online co-op, and set off on a treasure-hunting expedition to the enigmatic Dark Castle!

The development team invites players to share their playtest experience and leave suggestions for the game on the Steam community forums, where they’ll be monitoring comments and listening to community feedback. Have any feedback on the playtest or want to share an idea? Head over to the Steam forums to have your say.

Launching later this year on Steam Early Access, Lost Castle 2 invites players to become a treasure hunter venturing into a castle corrupted by evil. Battle minions and mighty bosses to discover new equipment, items and treasures to become increasingly powerful on your quest to unveil the castle’s secrets.

Lost Castle 2 features:

  • Explore the Enigmatic Dark Castle – Discover the mysterious Dark Castle, nestled deep in the mountains on the frontier, and surrounded by an environment teeming with bizarre and unique phenomena. Venture deeper into unknown areas of the castle to uncover its hidden secrets.
  • A Wealth of Equipment to Find – With more than 200 different types of weapons and armor to wield, and over 140 unique treasures to find, each adventure in Lost Castle 2 is unpredictable. Discover exciting new locations, such as the Dark Forest, Abandoned Village, Crystal Mountain, and the enigmatic Dark Castle itself, facing off against more than 10 unique and formidable bosses.
  • Team up for Greater Challenges – Treasure hunt together in 4-player online co-op, and join forces with friends to tackle challenges together.

Lost Castle 2 launches on Steam Early Access in 2024 and can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. To join the Steam Playtest, visit the Steam page.