More details on upcoming pixel-based action RPG with new website and socials teased

Kakao Games and PixelTribe are thrilled to share a brand new sneak peek of the upcoming mobile action RPG — Goddess Order  — with the launch of a global teaser site, which players can check out for themselves here, and socials including Discord and X (Twitter).

Goddess Order is a unique pixel-style mobile action RPG, developed by the creative minds behind Crusaders Quest (which hit 25 million players globally). The new website offers a first look at the journey players will embark upon in the game, as well as characters they will be adventuring with, including Princess of the Prophecy, Lisbeth, Mystox Sniper, Violet, and Warrior of the Earth, Jan.

The website launch also marks the debut of the brand new “Prologue” trailer, showcasing Goddess Order’s beautifully crafted pixel world, and the many challenges that lay ahead.

Reminiscent of classic JRPGs, the story unfolds as the Goddess — in the face of the impending doom of the world — sends all remaining hope back into the past. Featuring high-action combat, players must choose between 3 characters, tagging them out strategically as battle ensues in order to overcome menacing monsters, and ultimately save the world. Along the way, they can also rally new knights to their cause, recruiting and collecting heroes from the past on an epic quest to change the future.

Boasting a gripping narrative set in a fairy tale world, action-packed combat encounters optimised for mobile devices, challenging dungeons and deeply rewarding progression systems, Goddess Order offers a truly gratifying gameplay loop, nostalgic 2D pixel graphics, and countless combat possibilities to keep players coming back. 

Kakao Games will be unveiling new Goddess Order content and game news via the new teaser website, official Discord and X (Twitter), so be sure to keep an eye out for more information and dive into the world of Goddess Order, filled with delightful adventures and thrilling battles.