BORE BLASTERS, a roguelike mining-shooter from Scottish studio 8BitSkull, has announced a March 8 release date, with native support for Windows PC, Linux, MacOS and Steam Deck. Players can dig in to the demo right now during Steam Next Fest and wishlist the game ahead of release. The release date announcement comes along with a brand new gameplay trailer showing off some of the exciting action players can look forward to as they blast through rock and stone like a real dwarf should!

BORE BLASTERS puts you in the seat of an advanced dwarven gyrocopter fitted with a powerful machine gun drill, designed to break through stone with ease. As you blast your way into the depths you will collect rare gems and ores, discover powerful new upgrades that help you cut through the earth quicker, and fight off swarms of enemies as you uncover the mysteries deep below.

BORE BLASTERS’ core gameplay centers around fast and satisfying action using your machine gun to blast through stones of varying hardness. Discover temporary upgrades hidden deep within the rock that help you mine faster, and spend your spoils to buy permanent upgrades to improve your gyrocopter. Dig through various procedurally-generated biomes with new challenges on every run. The diversity of levels, enemies, and upgrades offers endless enjoyment. Runs can be as quick or as long as you wish, as long as your fuel and health bar last. Exploring the overworld will give you access to increasingly challenging mineshafts that lead to deeper and more dangerous mysteries.

Key Features of BORE BLASTERS Include:

  • Fast-paced mining action – Mining has never been so intense and rewarding; the satisfaction of blasting through the depths would make any dwarf grin with delight.
  • Bite-sized runs – Runs can be over quickly or last longer, if you’re able to survive. Play for a few minutes or up to 10-15 if you’re an experienced player.
  • Un-punishing progress – If you fail a run or need to cancel early for whatever reason, you keep your rewards and resources to spend on upgrades and abilities.
  • Unlockable characters – Dive into the narrative of this dwarven steampunk world to complete quests and unlock playable characters with new and unique abilities.
  • Upgrade your gyrocopter – Visit the Techsmith and spend your earnings on permanent upgrades to make mining faster, safer, and more satisfying, or discover temporary upgrades buried in the mines to help you out in a pinch.
  • Endless replayability – No two runs will be the same, a diverse range of biomes and procedurally generated mineshafts mean you’ll never know what’s ahead.

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