Developed by FLINT and published by HYBE IM, the highly-anticipated story-rich 2D RPG saw over a million players pre-register ahead of the launch

Publisher HYBE IM has officially launched ASTRA: Knights of Veda worldwide, welcoming players into the captivating medieval fantasy world of Planis, which seeks heroes to save it from the tyrannical King Magnus. Free on  Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Steam with crossplay enabled, ASTRA: Knights of Veda’s epic tale can be experienced alone or with others through co-op play.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda gives players a fresh take on classic beat ’em up and side-scrolling combat, having been worked on for over six years by developers FLINT. Players can fight the forces of evil alone or raise the banners and gather up to three other knights to rally behind the cause in team-based combat to rid Planis of undead hordes and monstrous beasts, finally freeing it from under the rule of the tyrannical King Magnus.

Each player’s time in the world of Planis will be a different experience, with many gameplay options and modes awaiting them. The bravest heroes can tackle the horrors lurking in the Nightmare Dungeons or venture into the Forgotten Mine to battle the ferocious giant spider. The Tower of Trials is an imposing sky-piercing monolith with twelve floors for players to battle through and ascend to the top of the Tower, ready to claim its treasures.

Players will encounter many heroes during their adventures across Planis, and these can be recruited to join the fight. Heroes like Edward, commander of the Knights of Tumeln. A melee specialist, his two-handed sword deals devastating damage to any enemies standing in his way. His signature skill quite literally turns up the heat of battle, as he can bring the power of flames upon his opponents. Then there is Xanthia, who possesses a dark magic that belies her innocent appearance, making her both feared and admired by the wizards from the Tower of Sages. Blessed with the ability to converse with the stars, she can use her signature skill, ‘Event Horizon,’ to pull enemies towards its center and send them into oblivion. 

With account-linking and crossplay between Steam, iOS, and Android supported, ASTRA: Knights of Veda can be enjoyed on the go, meaning Planis is ready to be freed from the forces of evil whenever and wherever. The semi-auto gameplay function enables players to gain EXP and collect rewards even when away from the screen, making every second count in the fight against King Magnus.

Expanding the boundaries of HYBE’s entertainment spectrum through HYBE IM, ASTRA: Knights of Veda is its first-ever global fantasy game. When pre-registration opened in March 2024, it reached over one million pre-registrations in less than a week, showcasing an exceptional level of anticipation from players worldwide. That month also saw a number of collaborations with HYBE’s artists, including SEVENTEEN’s HOSHI and SEUNGKWAN, recording OSTs and fromis_9’s LEE NAGYUNG transforming into the Goddess Veda herself for a dramatic trailer

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is now available to play for free on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Steam. A special in-game level achievement event will be held to celebrate the launch, where players can acquire Crystals of Fate and Star Stones upon reaching level 40. Additionally, by logging into the game for 7 days in a row, players can obtain 13 Crystals of Destiny as a reward for their dedication to saving Planis. Check out the official website and the ASTRA: Knights of VedaYouTube channel for more information.