Neva is an emotionally charged new adventure from the visionary team behind the critically acclaimed indie hit, Gris. In this new gameplay video unveiled at the Summer Game Fest, Nomada Studio offers a glimpse of the game in action for the first time ever.

This trailer gives a first idea of the dazzling art direction, the battles full of panache and the majestic landscapes of which the Spanish team has the secret.

Neva is about the powerful bond between a young woman and a beautiful wolf in a world in full decay. Following a traumatic encounter with the forces of darkness, Alba finds herself linked to a mischievous and curious wolf pup. Together, they will live an adventure full of dangers, encounters and challenges. Over time, the animal will grow and mature. As they explore this damned, almost extinct universe, their relationship will also evolve.

Nomada Studio’s previous title, Neva Neva is built on the foundation of Gris, platforming, puzzles, and battling monstrous enemies, while the minimalist interface, delicate art direction, high-quality traditional animation, and haunting music give it a unique style and resonance.

Neva is an unforgettable experience to discover in 2024 on PCPlayStationXbox and Nintendo Switch.
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