The introduction of UGC in Dark Lord marks a major transformation, turning the game into a dynamic platform for diverse storytelling.

On February 5th, Dark Lord, a captivating card-based simulator where players rule as a dark overlord, joins the Steam Next Fest: February 2024. This game, where players’ choices of cards dictate the future of a dark kingdom, goes a step further with its latest feature. The introduction of user-generated content opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing players, aspiring game narrative designers and writers to find a platform for their creativity, enriching the Dark Lord universe with diverse and engaging stories.

Dark Lord is a narrative card-based roguelike RPG that offers players an opportunity to craft their own adventure-driven story as the enigmatic Dark Lord. This game challenges players to test their strategic skills and develop a realm fraught with decisions and consequences. Players will navigate a world of shady advisors, political intrigues, and unexpected plot twists. Balancing between managing people with an iron fist and surviving through cunning means, they will need to strengthen their boundaries and decide how to rule their dark kingdom. Each decision made in the game impacts the unfolding story, making every playthrough a unique experience filled with dark humor and strategic gameplay.

The introduction of UGC in Dark Lord marks a major transformation, turning the game into a dynamic platform for diverse storytelling. The first wave of these player-created narratives comes from participants of a contest, where winning submissions are going to be featured in the game. This initial collection sets the stage for an ever-expanding universe of player-driven content. Moving forward, Dark Lord will provide specialized tools that enable all players, from experienced narrative designers to casual gamers, to craft and contribute their own stories. This approach not only enriches the Dark Lord experience with a variety of perspectives but also continually revitalizes the game, offering an ever-changing and diverse range of adventures for players to explore.

Add the game to your wish list and get ready to tune into demonic adventures sprinkled with wickedly dark humor.

Key features:

  • Strategic role-playing game with roguelike elements
    Embark on an adventure, cultivate territories, manage cunning advisors, mastermind devious conspiracies, and tackle quests.
  • Dark humor
    Go on hilariously twisted quests and face challenges with a wicked grin!
  • Player-driven storyline
    Choices have consequences, dictating the twists and turns of the narrative allowing you to craft a unique story. 
  • Shady advisors and political intrigues
    Find the balance between military might and politics. Manage advisors, but beware, as they may engage in their own treacherous game.
  • Hand-crafted graphics
    The hand-crafted visuals of the game plunge you deep into the ambiance of a brooding kingdom. 
  • Built for the Community
    Players will be able to create their own stories and share them while playing and learn the plots made by their friends as well as people from all over the world

Dark Lord is developed for PC and will be released on Steam.