2024 Joycity’s popular free-to-play street basketball game is evolving the courtside strata by introducing a Pick Ban system. This system has been popularized by other strategy-driven team selection games, offering a competitive, team-selection equilibrium.

The system is designed where a team leader can disable another team from picking a certain character and vice versa in a Ranked Mode math. Pick Ban sets the tone where a roster and tactics must be prepared in advance, shaking up the game and forcing the “old meta” right out the window. The court strategy becomes cerebral, pitting team-vs-team as to who can come up with THE winning combination of skills and strategy.
Players in Ranked Mode will need to prepare for this fantastically diverse and intense competition!

Tagging along in the update is the Prestige 7 update for Lyoid. Lyoid is a recent addition to the roster and 3on3 players have embraced his gangly, albeit awkward ball-handling prowess when he was first introduced. Lyoid’s Prestige 7 can unlock three potential abilities specializing in Shot, Attack & Pass, and Physical Attributes. Players can customize and set the best attribute potential to fit their play-preferences, outfitting Lyoid a style all their own.

With this update, 3on3 players will not only unlock a game-changing strategic element, but Lyoid’s Pretige 7 update will up the competitive landscape to the Nth degree.

To add to the hype, Joycity has prepared a basket full of events such as an on-going special login bonus event. By logging in everyday, 3on3 players can redeem rewards including a 30 Points bonus and Intensive Notes which are mission-critical for Character upgrading. The Squad Challenge event will also be taking place. IN this event, players that form a Squad using ‘Jack The Pink’ characters (Lyoid’s Squad), and rack up 5 wins in 3vs3 mode, extraordinary rewards will be delivered.

For all the juicy details, 3on3 players need only to check out the official website.
We’ll see you on the court.