We’re greeted with a pre-rendered trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. Everything looks fantastic; this is such an exciting introduction to the world of Cyberpunk.

These two characters are introducing us to the world of villiany, they’ve performed a robbery. What’s funny is that the footage is being bleeped out as there is a lot of swearing; gore is fine. There’s a lot of blood.

All of a sudden the trailer ends, and a side panel open. Smoke escapes and, holy shit it’s Keanu Reeves.

We’re finally going across to in-game, and Keanu Reeves has been showcased – FUCKING KEANU REEVES IS IN CYBERPUNK.

Keanu walked out onto the stage, shrouded in smoke. The crowd are going wild! Keanu is introducing CD Project Red and Cyberpunk 2077.

“They were going on and on about how they are going to introduce this vast story line… how choices are going to be made to effect the story…”

He continues to say Cyberpunk.

The feeling of being there and walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking.


Do you guys want to know when the release date is? crowd goes wild.

Keanu introduces and points towards the large main screen monitor. In-game trailer is going live now.

We’re getting a more polished glimpse into what we’re already seen regarding Cyberpunk. There’s going to be multiple vechiles, we can see the player character jumping onto a bike. There’s shifting between what appears to be the real world and a virtual one.

RELEASE DATE: 04.16.2020