In an exclusive feature as part of Xbox’s Developer Direct, Square Enix Ltd. unveiled exciting new insights into Visions of Mana™, marking the series’ first mainline entry in over fifteen years. As detailed by Mana Series Producer Masaru Oyamada and Creator Koichi Ishii, the presentation delved into the reimagined world of Mana, offering a closer look at the development process and the dynamic gameplay awaiting players when Visions of Mana releases in Summer 2024 across PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and STEAM®.

The showcased gameplay and behind-the-scenes footage provide an in-depth preview of Visions of Mana’s latest features, introducing players to the revamped combat system. Oyamada shared insights into the combat, highlighting the addition of an aerial combat system that elevates battles to new heights, enabling physical and magical attacks mid-air. A beloved series staple, the Elementals, returns to aid players with specialized items, introducing a fast-paced and flexible fighting style.

Among the revelations was a charming new companion in Visions of Mana called “pikuls,” designed by Creator Koichi Ishii. Drawing inspiration from animals and mythology, pikuls assist players in traversing the expansive ground map, adding depth to the vibrant world exploration.

SQUARE ENIX® also disclosed that the Visions of Mana soundtrack will feature an impressive track list of 100 songs at launch. Composed or contributed to by musical creators from previous Mana titles, including Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki, the soundtrack promises an immersive experience. Additionally, the game will introduce an adaptive music system, seamlessly transitioning players from map exploration to battles, heightening the sense of urgency with background music changes upon entering or leaving combat.

Building on a legacy that began with MYSTIC QUEST™ in 1993, the Mana series has captivated players with vibrant worlds, breathtaking environments, heartwarming characters, and high fantasy storylines across various genres and platforms. Drawing from thirty years of experience, Mana Series Producer Masaru Oyamada and his team aim to deliver a faithful addition to the beloved series with Visions of Mana. This installment promises both longtime fans and newcomers a fresh experience, incorporating an all-new story, characters, and gameplay mechanics while staying true to the essence of the Mana legacy.

Visions of Mana will be launching in Summer 2024 for PS5®, PS4® consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Steam®. For more information, visit: