If you didn’t know, Respawning UK is branching out creating video content around the videogames they’re currently playing. To make life easier, we’re going to start doing a weekly video roundup of what we’ve been playing and giving you a way to find these straight away!

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FINAL FANTASY XIV – Sproutling Adventures

With the release of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers edging its way closer to release some of the Respawning Staffers have been jumping in-game to try and get expansion ready. Join Luke, Sally, Joe, and Colin as they work their way through the game and expansions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a new series we like to call – FINAL FANTASY XIV: Sproutling Adventures.


Javier is a huge fan of Bethesda and is jumping into RAGE 2 blindly. Join him in his playthrough and impressions.

Fifa 19 Road to Glory

Yikes! Mikey is on Episode 11 of his Road to Glory in Fifa 19. Why don’t you go check out how well he’s doing?!